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A premier US manufacturer of commercial insulated cold storage & freezer doors.

We can also provide insulated metal skin panels, rigid foam insulation, vapor barrier flashing materials, related accessories, design & consulting services.

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High Quality Doors

We are a US based manufacturer of US made Cold Storage and Freezer Doors. Therm-L-Tec Systems LLC has a unique perspective not only to what the end user wants, but also what he needs to achieve the highest quality and most efficient controlled environment facility.

All our doors are manufactured in Kansas City

Our Company

The original Therm-L-Tec Systems Inc. was located in Kansas City, Kansas. Founder Steven Cole, with his family, began the company in 1972 as a small insulation distributor with two employees and grew the company to a major manufacturer of stress skin insulated panels and cold storage doors with more than one hundred employees. The company was sold in 1998 and was closed down by the new ownership group shortly after the purchase. Therm-L-Tec Systems Inc. was in business for over 30 years under the Cole family’s direction. The company operated with the highest quality standard for their products and services for each and every one of the thousands of major customers throughout the United States. Steve, has begun the journey of reestablishing his family roots in the cold storage industry with a new company, Therm-L-Tec Systems LLC, having the same commitment of providing the highest quality products for the commercial and cold storage industry as the family has for 30 plus years. Our knowledge and experience of the cold storage manufacturing and the cold storage industry gives us a unique perspective in the market place to identify and offer only the highest quality building products and services available.

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Online Store

Find all the parts and upgrades you may need here for your Therm-L-Tec and Therm-L-Bond Doors!

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