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Therm L Tec Safety Edge Repair Kit
  • Reversing Safety Edge Kit Cooler Door or Freezer Door

    SKU: 26-0012

    Therm L Tec & Therm L Bond original Reversing Safety Edge Kit, to repair or replace any Reversing Safety Edge on your Slide or Bi-Part Cooler / Freezer Door !


    The gasket is 125" long and will work on any Door which is less then 120" in Height.


    Providing a Kit based solution offers you, the customer, great cost savings on Shipping and or Freight due to the length of a fully assembled Reversing Safety Edge!


    The assembly is simple and easy and reuires only a few tools and can be done onsite.

    We recommend 3M 1300 Neoprene High Performance Rubber and Gasket Adhesive when glue is reuired per installation manual.



    The Safety Edge Kit contains the following parts from the included explosion drawing:


    1pcs #04 14-040 Switch

    1pcs #09 14-130 1/4” OD x 1/8” ID x 6” Eva Tubing

    1pcs #10 14-018A #0 Lab Stopper with Brass Tube for Top (Do not block tiny Vent Hole!)

    1pcs #10 14-018B #0 Lab Stopper for Bottom

    1pcs #13 18-021 6” x 3/32” Silicone Rubber L: 125”

    2pcs #17 14-008 Cable Ties with mount 2 pcs wood screw included

    1pcs #16 14-132 Length: 120” 5/8” ID x 1/8” Wall Latex Tube

    1pcs          Explosion Drawing and Instruction Manual 


    Your technician needs to fabricate #8 1 1/4” x 3/4” Plywood Strip, cut to length to fit into #1 Lead Edge Channel which should be reused.

    If #1 Lead Edge Channel is damaged, then we can sent you the drawing for this part and you can have it made at a local shop near you from 16ga Stainless.

    The shipping on this part, because of its length, will by far exceed the fabrication cost. Both parts #1 and #8 should be made in 1 piece each.


    Lead Time is app. 1 - 3 business days


    Please Note:

    You need to order 2 Kits for a Bi - Parting Door!