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Therm-L-Tec M-1000 Logic Board

Therm-L-Tec M-1000 Logic Board

SKU: 80-0002

The M-1000 Logic Board replaces all previous Logic Boards. It has proven to be extremely reliable for many years.

The replacement is a a easy and simple process.

The M-1000 has the following features:

  • Power Input:   24 Volt AC or DC
  • Opto Insulated Input and Outputs
  • built in Time Delay Close
  • built in Personal Open Timer
  • Input for Floor Loop Detector, Motion Detector or similar device
  • Features are selectable with DIP Switch
  • Wide operating Temperature -20F to + 120F
  • No mechanical Relais
  • All Solid State – Micro Controller operated
  • Vibration resistant
  • same form factor as previous Logic Controllers
  • Quick Disconnect Connectors
  • Works with Allen Bradley 160 and 4M, Mitsubishi, Mototronics, Sumitomo and Omron Variable Frequency Drive