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Retrofit & Replacement Headers
Electric Operator

Our retrofit & Replacement come with the entire Drive System: Motor, Belt, Belt Tensioner, Sensors and Electrical Control Box and are ready for immediate installation.

These Headers can either replace a old and damaged Therm L Tec / Therm L Bond Header as direct dropin replacement or can be used to convert a manual Horizontal Sliding or Bi-Parting Door.

These Headers can also be used to retrofit almost any competitor's door:

Lenexa Retrofit.jpg

On non Therm L Tec Doors, as in this example here, The Retrofit Kit comes with a Shroud, Trolley Hanger, Trolley Wheels and a Safety Reversing Edge.

Our standard Header measures Height: 13 1/2" Length: 2x WIC + 20" and the depth is app 13" for Motor and Box

The installation is simple:

1. Take down door plug(s)

2. Remove existing header (leave mirror Backtrim Header in place, unless a new Back Header was shipped with Kit)

3. Install new Header 

4. Attach Trolley hanger with supplied 3/4" Bolts to plug.

5. Drill Shroud for all bolts to match Trolley Hangers

6. Install Door on track

7. Adjust Door in full closed position for full seal on all 4 perimeters

8. Attach Belt pick up to shroud with supplied bolts

9. Adjust Belt Tensioner to proper Belt Tension

10. Connect Electrical Operator to 208V/230V 3 Phase by means of fused disconnect

11. Connect Opening Devices i.e. Pull Cords (Low Voltage 24 VDC) to operator

12. Adjust open and close limit sensor to stop door in desired position ( read included manual )

13. Your door is now ready for operation

Conversion from Manual to Power Operated Retrofit Kit

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