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Visual Audible Door Status Indicator

Stop Or Go?

Therm-L-Tec Building Systems


Visual Audible Door Status Indicator

  * Can be adapted to work with virtually any Door Operator
  * Universal Setup to Customized Specifications
  * Easy To Install
  * Software Can Be Customized To Users Individual Requirements upon Request
  * Will Work With most Lighting Systems
  * New variable length (up to 100 feet) Tri Colored High Intensity LED Strips which can be installed to customer specification or            customer needs
  * Will work with Supply Voltage from 100 VAC to 240 VAC 50/60Hz
  * Available with 24 VDC 150 VA Power Supply to drive larger LED Signals
  * Inputs are Opto insulated and can be used in AC or DC Control Systems with DIP Switch selectable Normally Open or Normally       Closed Limit Switches.
  * Installation Manual Includes sample Wiring Diagrams for Reference
  * Light activation is done by Relay which can switch either 24 VAC/VDC or up to 240 VAC Resistive Loads of max. 5 Amps
  *  Will work with Variable Frequency or Reversing Contactor operated Systems
  * Highly Reliable, rugged, durable construction


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