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Instruction Video: Full BI-Part / Slide Door Installation Video:

Please view our instruction Video on how to replace a Swing Door Bulb Gasket:

Manual’s, Engineering Change Notices, Service Manual’s and Service Bulletins for Therm-L-Tec and Therm-L-Bond Doors:

Logic Control Boards:  TLT;  M-595;  M-596; Interim Board and M-1000 Board.

Electrical / Mechanical Updates will also be posted here for your convenience!

Installation & Service Manual
Horizontal Sliding & Bi-Parting Cooler / Freezer Doors
Manual & Power Operated with Invertek VFD
Current Revision:  D  06/2024


Installation & Service ManualHorizontal Sliding & Bi-Parting Cooler / Freezer DoorsManual & Power Operated

with Invertek VFD & M-1000 Controller


Current Revision:  D  06/2024

Wiring Diagrams 595/596 Boards

Wiring Diagrams Interim Board / M-1000 Board / M-1000s Unit

Installation Manuals

Service Manuals

Service Bulletins

Door Installation Manual
& Electrical Requirements

Variable Frequency Drive Manuals - Please call Therm-L-Tec before changing Settings!
1-(913) 728 2662

Power Conversion for Manual Door
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